October: In-person, Flax presentation by Sharon Kudrle  ( + spin-in)
Note: Please bring work gloves, an old hairbrush, and wear denim jeans or bring a cloth to put over your lap if you would like
to prepare some retted flax straw to spin. Preparing the flax entails removing the splinter-like husk from the straw and brushing it clean.
November: No meeting, see you next month. Keep on spinning!
December: In-person, Breed Study Part 1, Rambouillet – Show & Tell and discussion (+spin-in)
January: A virtual meeting featuring a talk by Rowland Ricketts, a fiber artist in Indiana who specializes in indigo dyeing using Japanese knotweed. 
February: A virtual meeting featuring a presentation by Joan Ruane, Fiber Arts Down Under  – Joan has traveled and taught cotton spinning in both New Zealand and Australia. She would like to share her love of these countries with you and tell you what they are doing with fiber art. Lots of photos of scenery and fiber art projects. Power Point and open to questions.
March: In-person, Breed Study Part 2, Cheviot – Show & Tell and discussion (+spin-in)
April: Virtual, tentative, Presentation by Penny Lacroix and Sarah Buchanan on the ins and outs of locally-sourced fiber arts (+spin-in)
May: In-person, Breed Study Part 3, Wensleydale – Show and Tell and discussion (+spin-in)

Reminder: Masks required at in-person meetings

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